How to make a Destructible Mesh?

Okay, so it seems there’s a lot of uncertainty about this.

I enabled the Destructible Mesh plugin, but now what?

When I go to NVIDIA’s Destruction

It tells me it’s deprecated and that I should use Nvidia Blast

Nvidia Blast has no download link however and if I look at the PhyxLab

Not only does it tell me that half of it is deprecated but that
-We no longer provide precompiled binaries for PhysX. Please use Github to download and build the libraries-

And every tutorial and the destructible stream I watched say different things depending on the year they’re made.

Look I just wanna blow up a barrel man, I don’t wanna download programing environments and figure out how to build my own libraries,so wtf do I do? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and also, when I use the built in editor in Unreal and use “Import FBX chunks” it doesn’t support multi materials on the chunks so all chunks have the same one material. My barrel has wooden boards and metal rings, so obviously using the built in editor isn’t an option too.

Plus it doesn’t support vertex colors either.

So my question is, how do I make APEX destruction on the 3rd of January Year of Our Lord 2019?

@Samaritan Hey I found this on youtube Unreal Engine 4 Beginner Tutorial Series - #25 Destruction Meshes - YouTube
there’s nothing that I did but idk I didn’t want to just pass by

Watched it though, but he doesn’t say how to at least get the “Import FBX chunks” option to allow me to define 2 materials for the chunks I import. The Voronoi Fracture works fine but I need to get my own chunks in with their materials. Technically that’s all I need.