How To Make A Delay For Grappling Hook ?//

ow Do I Add A Delay To The Grappling Hook {please do note that i didnt make the blueprint and i am not a programmer } I Basically Want To Make Sure The Character Doesnt Over Use The Grappling Hook And Add A Simple Delay And Also If Anyone Knows How To Make A Little Bar That Shows When The Grappling Hook Is Ready To Use Or A Text To Appear On Screen , Thank You.

Pics Of The Blueprint Of The Grappling Hook

Well you could have a boolean variable e.g. “CanUseHook” that controls if you can use it.
So simply make a new boolean variable, make a branch when pressing f that checks if CanUseHook is true. If so have your normal code running and set the variable to false. And at the end of your code you may have either a delay and then set your boolean to true again or have it be checked in your tick and set it to true again after a certain time has expired.

um can you show me that in work like in blueprints ???