How to make a Dark Souls/Bloodborne like combat system?


I’ve tried looking for a tutorial based on this but I never really found one. I don’t plan on making a Dark Souls/Bloodborne copy but I think it would be interesting if my project had a similar type of combat system just because its so familiar and interesting, its probably one of the only combat systems that I really enjoyed with the roll/sprint/dodge/heavy attack/light attack/parry/backstep/blocking and such things…

It would be really awesome if somebody posted a tutorial on this since I cant find a single one or just not a very recent and updated one ( 4.15 )

Hopefully someone can help me achieve this goal for my project!

This is a very vague question. The usual aproach to this is break it down in smaller problems and solve them step by step. It is not wise to do difficult things like that if you don’t know the basics. If this is your first time working with AI, I suggest you look here for a basic Behaviour Tree introduction which should lead you in the right direction.

Then of course you need to know about Animation Blueprints and Montages.

If you have some knowledge about the engine even older tutorial may help, as newer version mostly add new features without removing the old ones. And mybe you should start with a simple Combat system and then expand it to your needs. maybe this will help you.