How to make a cube main player character + box collision?


I had a project that I forgot to backup when formatting my disk :confused:

In it, I used the default ThirdPersonBP to simply set the capsulecomponent to ignore everything, and inserted a “Cube” along with “Box Collision” (also hid the character mesh)

So instead of the default character we get, my main character was the cube with precise box collision, which is crucial for the game. Everything went fine and was done in a few minutes (in 4.12).

A month later I’m now on 4.13, and none of that seems to work. I open the ThirdPersonBP and simply add in a cube, give it its own box collision and even made it gigantic, but it simply ignores it. I’ve set the capsulecomponent to ignore and everything that’s possible, but the cube still only responds to the capsule component, even when I make it tiny.

Basically my question is: How can i make a cube the main character without any C++ work (no knowledge). I’ve done it before by editing the ThirdPersonBP and now it just won’t work. I’ve set all collisions to ignore, and even blockall for my cube+box collision, it simply falls through the ground. I hope there’s something I’m missing.


Same here, but with UE 5.0.3