How to make a countdown timer appear if variables are stored in level blueprint

How to make a countdown timer appear if variables are stored in level blueprint:

Thanks to people that said create variables, then kick those out from the level blueprint.
No casting needed.

Make two text blocks -> create binding for both -> create variables for each text block / float or string -> link return node
event begin play -> Create widget in level blueprint -> return node out to two text block variables to set them,
event tick -> sequence -> to both set var -> put variables you created in level blueprint and link them into two text block variables in level blueprint
Basically kick out stuff from level blueprint into other blueprints is the only way Inside of the level blueprint.

recon jet:

android phone:

recon jet 3rd person angle ghost race:

Packaging for Recon Jet Set both minimum and maximum sdk versions in project package settings to = 9
Export PVRTC

Packaging for Android phone set both to (depends) mine is = 21
and I package it out in ASTC

Unreal Engine Milliseconds Inaccurate When Adding Time

If you use milliseconds in delay and time set, using 1 second at a time it’s accurate, as soon as you put in 0.001 or 0.01 or 1.01 or 0.10 or any variation it’s inaccurate and I tried to fix it by adding 0.1 to speed it up 2x but it’s not exactly 2 or 3 times as slow it’s just plain too slow and the problem is,

a move object to goes off real seconds, so it’ll hit your fast 3 second time that was actually 9 seconds and you’ll be racing 3 seconds when you actually ran 9 it just counted slow for you. Using milliseconds runs it in slow motion basically, while only counting seconds give you most accuracy if you do delay + or time set +.

UE4 How to make a countdown timer using timeline node

Link: - YouTube

Make variable in level blueprint called time
add timeline -> double click -> add float track -> name track -> check use last keyframe ->
shift-left click twice -> set one key to 0 and the second to 999 -> exit out and variable of float track will appear -> set ‘time’ variable in level blueprint -> connect update to ‘time’ and your float variable to ‘time’ float

If button resets -> add ‘button’ -> connect button to ‘time’ set node set at 0 -> sequence 2 pins -> create delay 3 sec -> connect first sequence to delay 3 sec if 3 sec countdown to start then delay to ‘play from start’ on timeline -> connect second pin to ‘stop’ to zero out/reset the timeline

(set custom screen in widget)
Recon Jet: 428 x 240

samsung s6: 2560 x 1440 (landscape)

basically on the widget have to make seperate versions for phone or recon jet, and 2 text in my case on the widgets for each resolution collapsing 2 and showing 2 others for each resolution because my timer wasn’t showing up for really low res the text blocks i had just glitched out so I just unconnected them until I needed them to export for phone.