How to make a conquest style spawn system?

Hey fellow Epic users, I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this.
Basically I’m attempting to make a conquest type of shooter, where you have spawns that can be captured by the opposing team, and then you obviously can’t spawn there any more, but the opposing team can now. I’d prefer it to be in blueprints since I’m not an able bodied programmer(wouldn’t know where to start). Currently all I’m able to do is choose which team characters to display, and then spawn them at a specific point on the level.

Anything will help

i would create a new class “SpawnZone”, and make all the spawn logics inside of it, including a variable that indicated which team owns that spawn zone.

it is very important to learn coding on the way, and no other way exists around, (except giving the task to other team members {if there’s a team}), either Blueprints or C++. (Blueprints is coding as well, just in a {not so} different way) good luck :slight_smile: