How to make a component visible by a trigger box

Hello, this should be a quick fix but I’m not completely sure which nodes I should use. Basically I would like the items highlighted (ignore springarm) to become visible on the player mesh in game when the player enters a box trigger.

Player enters box trigger>Animations plays>Component in firstperson blueprint unticks the “hidden in game” box> The component is now visible in game for the rest of the level.


Thanks very much, Tom :slight_smile:

Use a “Cast To” (FirstPersonCharacter) node, connect the overlapped actor pin form the “begin overlap” node to the object pin in the “Cast to” node. Then you can drag of the As(ThirdpersonCharacter) pin on the “cast to” node to get any component or variable and adjust it. Just remember that all code after the “Cast To” will be run from the Casted actors Blueprint so you can use a sequence node before the casting to run any other code after the casting but in the current Blueprint if that’s what you need.