How to make a collision with a rotating object?

Hello, I still continue my project of end of year, I solicit you again because I did not find an adequate answer to my question. My problem is :
I have a board (an elongated cube) that turns like a propeller. I would like my character to die when she touches him. So I make a component on Hit (cube) → destroy actor → target get player character.
But my character dies that if he goes on the board, if he remains motionless at the moment of rotation he does not die. Can you tell me or me how to make the character die at the collision of the board?
I hope I am clear.
I am sorry in advance if this question has already been asked.
Thanks to what will answer me.

Oh thank you it works perfectly ! I will try to find out better next time. Thank you Chyros !

OnComponentHit will only trigger if the 2 objects collide. So if your Character remains stationary, it won’t trigger until your Character moves against the propeller.

Try using OnComponentBeginOverlap instead of OnComponentHit, and also change your propeller’s Collision Presets to OverlapAllDynamic: