How to make a collider Disappear when a destructible mesh is Destroyed?

I am New to Unreal and I created a Level that I am currently working on. I made a tower and made that tower into a destructible mesh. I don’t know why but the destructible mesh Tower has no Collision , so the player just walks through it. In order to solve that issue I made another tower with opacity on it. so I am using the colliders from the tower with Opacity as a walkable area for the destructible mesh tower. the problem is when I destroy that tower , the colliders with the tower with opacity still is there just invisible. I want to know a way to destroy the other tower with colliders.

Thank you


hey buddy,

yeah you defo can, you need a reference to it and then call destroy actor.

however i would advise against using this method there is collision there its just not very accurate.

have a look at this post on the forums

Thanks for responding , I first did the destroy actor but it destroy it in one hit. so what I did was just a mesh in Maya that can go under the tower and when the describable mesh is destroyed only the skeleton or the supports mesh remains. But Thank you for Responding .