How to Make a ‘Close Popup’ Widget Return to its Source?

Hi folks,

Quick question:

I have a menu which contains a number of pages (widgets) with simple functions to go ‘back’ to previous slide and ‘forward’ to next slide.

On every page I have an ‘INFO’ button which displays an information pop up. (Basically another page/widget). This button appears on every page but I need it there for reference.

So my question is:
Once the pop up is opened and I hit the ‘close’ button, how can I return back to the ‘page I was on’ without having to create duplicate copies of the popups for every page and have to redirect each one back to individual pages?

I hope this makes sense!

Regards, J

When the pop up occurs you use ‘add to viewport’, when you want it to go away again, you can just ‘remove from parent’. The previous widget will still be underneath. ( I might be missing something here ).

Hi thanks for the quick reply.

Apologies I realised I missed a vital piece of information in my question. I’m using an Xbox Controller, so also needed to know how to give focus back to the screen before. A friend has managed to fix it for me now so issue has been resolved at this end. Many thanks for your response