How to make a client send info to the host

So, Basically what I’m trying to figure out is out the make the client send information to the server.

[FONT=lucida sans unicode]So, for example, the owner can tell the server " 1," and the server gets " 1," but when the client attempts to tell the server " 1," it gets " 0, " back 0 = no change.

If anyone knows how to make this work, I would truly love the help

Client to server RPCs will only work on an actor that is owned by the local client.

If you need a non-owned actor to get some sort of input from a client, you will need to route that input through the local clients player controller.

Or did I read you wrong? :confused:

Possibly? I am bad at describing things so maybe I’m saying it wrong by providing too much information.

Currently, the problem I’m having has changed because I found a “solution” to my previous problem.

Right now I’m trying to figure out how to do what this guy did

But I am currently having trouble following along so it’s just a matter of being not knowing how to understand it properly…