How to make a city landscape in UE4

Hi there. I’ve been looking everywhere on how I can create a city like in the amazing spider-man or prototype ext…
I have a lot of programs like 3ds Max, Maya, World Machine… I just want to create a landscape with a city in the middle and the ocean around it. I understand it’s a very big product and I can’t do this on my own. But I would just like to know the basics. I’ve been inspired by infamous second son the city they used there… even tho it might be created on a different engine, I will try my best to create it in UE4.

Please if you know something or if you saw something that can help me PLEASE send me a link!!
P.S sorry for my english.

First part, you need building models and materials, variation is important.

Second part you need to create a landscape, and place the objects onto it.

Third, you need to place roads/buildings, and tweak the landscape so it looks as expected.

For roads etc, i would recommend following the UE4 spline tutorials, they seriously simplify roading creating if you can just drag out points, automatically adding guard rails etc if you put them in.

Unreal Official spline tutorial:

Dont forget, theres a reason that these big games take years to release.

Thank you so much for the reply! I think i have an idea on how to begin.