How to make a character that in shooter game?

Hello.Can you help?
How to make a character that in shooter game?

What do you mean mate?

No.I from is Russia.I badly know English and so I write through the translator.
How to make a character like in the game shooter game in epic launcher?

Open a new project and choose first person

And I’m doing on the project multiplayershootout

I’m sorry mate, but I can hardly underestand you… Hopefully someone who speaks russian will get back to you.

Explain your question in Russian so someone can use translate and hopefully better get an idea of the issue. From what I can understand you want to make an FPS like ther shooter demo with multiplayer support. there are some tutorials online on Youtube just google. But to make a game project like that you will need to learn either blueprints or c++. Also have a general knowledge of how networking works. Hope I could be of any help.

I guess he wants to have a First-Person actor just like the same like unreal engine template of “shooter game” :slight_smile: so if it’s that, like Innos said: Create new project with First-person template (c++), import the necessary assets of the “shooter template” and that’s it…if you also wants to put some stuff from “multiplayer shootout” template, same way here: Import stuff needed into the newly created project.

And how to import?

Best way would be to open “shooter game” template, look for necessary assets you want to have in your project and on content browser right-click on those file folder(s) and use “export to project” or whatever this function is called. Selected files will be imported into the project you’ve created

You can also work inside the demo project folders and look out how Epic has everything setup and what does what to other assets, etc.