How to make a character selection screen that doesn't immediately spawn you into the game?

How to make so that when you select the character you dont have to immediately spawn into the game as that character but you will still play as that character if you select start like in Cars 3: Driven to win,
where you select the character and it just selects the character but doesn’t start the game.

This can be done through UI widgets. Create buttons that represent your character, setup a function on clicked that stores your desired character to a custom save game object that houses your player profile data. You can then load that save game object when you start the game and pull the specific character from it and then slot it into your spawner.

can you pls send a video or something of this example since I am pretty new to Unreal

for people who are having the same issue here is a video that pretty much lets you do this.
Unreal Engine 4 - Character Selection #6 - YouTube