How to make a character selection menu like in Donkey Kong 64?

So I want to create a character selection menu like in donkey kong 64 but I don’t know how to do it. So I guess it’s a basic thing to do , if someone can help me to know how to do it , it would be very helpful.

thats a very broad question… but to get started, you could make an actor blueprint, and put a static mesh component in it. make that static mesh a cylinder. you will have to get different points on the outside of said cyllinder, and put the skeletal meshes of the characters that you want there. When the player presses the left button or right button, it will rotate the cyllider 360 divided by #of characters (assuming they are all evenly spaced out). you can use an enum variable for the currently selected character (or just an integer if thats easier) and use that variable to control their animations in their animation blueprint (if i remember correctly, they all beg to be chosen while in the background and start flexing when theyre selected)