How to make a character move with the player controller (blueprints)

My level will have several actor that can be controlled by the player.

For this, I make a character blueprint that is not controlled at the beginning.

I create a player controller which can posses this actors. (It works, I can possess one then switch).

But, I can’t transfer my input from my player controller to my character.

Screen01 contains the blueprint of the playercontroller.

Screen02 contains my little switch in the level blueprint.

If I program the managment of the inputs directly in the character, I have no problems. But that’s not what I want.

Hello ReyalS,

Have you ensured that you have set the second character to Auto Receive Input from Player0? You can do this by going to your character blueprint, going to the Viewport and in the Details panel, going to the Input section. You should then see Auto Receive Input and can verify whether or not it is set to Player0. This could potentially be causing an issue.

If you have already done this and verify that it is correct, could you perhaps zip up and attach your project so that I could look into the issue a bit further and see how you have things set up? If you zip up the file and it is too large to attach, you can upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive and provide me with a link. If you are uncomfortable attaching the file publicly, feel free to send me a private message with the link to your project so that I can take a closer look.

Thank you, have a great day.

-Sean Flint

I’ve deleted and created again the project before seeing your answer, sorry.

I’ve recreated my basics blueprints and I think the error was coming from the option “Auto Receive Input” that I don’t modified on the last project but I place to “Player 0” by default this time.