How to make a character move with a platform that moves using SetRelativeLocation?


As you can see in the gif above, I’m trying to make the ThirdPersonCharacter move along with a platform that the player can control. The setup currently is:

  • The platform is controlled by a Minion pawn that interacts with another actor. During this interaction, the Minion pawn is possessed, and the ThirdPersonCharacter is not.

  • The platform moves using two vectors and a timeline using Lerp to SetRelativeLocation.

Expected behaviour The ThirdPersonCharacter actor should move along with the highlighted platform.

Problem The character stays in place as the platform moves, then is teleported the applied distance after I repossess it.

Things I’ve tried

  • Attaching the actor as to the moving component. This makes the actor move along with the platform, but still gets the teleportation distance added.

  • Setting relative location movement to actor as well. Still results in adding teleportation distance on repossess.

  • I’m printing the characters Velocity every tick, proving that it doesn’t just add a bunch of velocity in any tick.![alt text][1]

Any help or insights on what might be causing this issue would be really awesome!