How to make a character follow the cameras x-axis?

I am currently trying to make an isometric game using modular tile sets. I have all the movement set up and working correctly. but yet my character thinks forwards is the worlds X-axis. this means when you press up on a game-pad or “W” on the keyboard, instead of going up towards the top of the screen, he is instead going at a 45 degree angle, meaning he is following the worlds X-axis and not the cameras which is what I want. the camera is at 45 degrees compared to the rest of the level to give the isometric look. Is there any way I can make the character follow the X-axis of the camera instead? this will make it so the character goes to the top of the screen when you press up rather then to the top right of the screen. I am pretty new to blueprints and have been using the top down template to make the project so far. I know a way to fix this would be to rotate everything in my level by 45 degrees instead of the camera in the top down character blueprint, but that would make the level extremely difficult for me to do modular and will ruin the effect I am looking for.

Here is a link to some screenshots of my movement blueprint and a picture of the character blueprint to show what i have done so far.