How to make a character drop straight down and not bounce off?

Hi there!

I’m currently trying to create a grappling mechanic for a project of mine. I’ve used this tutorial.
When I grapple from a distance and make an impact, my character just bounces off uncontrollably.

What I’m trying to achieve is to make the character drop straight down at the hit location from grappling.
How do I do this?

All feedback and help is highly appreciated!

Nevermind solved the issue. Found a way to reduce the character’s velocity equal to the distance between the character’s location and the target location.

I was interested in this as well, posting your solution blueprint would have been great :slight_smile:

Yeah I should’ve now you mentioned it haha :')

If you follow the tutorial I posted the only change that I made was enabling the XYOverride and the ZOverride options in the Launch Character node.

I’m guessing these would be used in casse you wanted to create your own style of landing, however since I have none it cancels out my character’s velocity and drops straight down after hitting something.


Hope this helps!

Thanks that helped !