How to make a character controller with arms that aim?

I don’t really know how to make my own character controller. I am making a simple 2d game and have started 3d modeling the character, I am going to add dismemberment of each limb. But one thing I have no knowledge of how to do is to make the character aim where a crosshair is, or just move the arms and gun like hes aiming at a point in general. How is this done? I know animations are premade things but something like aiming arms post animation, how do you do this? What are the terms for this?

Also any tips on how I should go about dismemberment and then that body part turning into ragdoll. The way I’ve kind of thought of how to go about doing this is to sever the bone that is to be dismembered so it can freely ragdoll around, I don’t know if this will work though.

Any info tutorials and help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

EDIT: Actually what Id specifically want to know right now is any info on how to make a bone face your mouse crosshair. I have a 2d character and the mouse moves all around him, how would I aim the hand/arm bones towards the crosshair?

if we cant get answers here where can we get answers?
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I asked a similar question not so long ago. It was about aim offset. Got no answer. Try to search for aim offset threads and good luck

For aiming a 3d model, there is example 1.4 in the animation content example. This use aimoffset to blend between multiple poses.

For modifying a bone position directly, you could use 2 bone ik to position an effector. See example 1.8 in the animation content example.

You can do that with directly modifying a bone e.g in this case I move the head up and down with the mouse (in my case just in the Z axis) -> in the anim graph :wink:

Thanks guys

Thank you Guys