How to make a character "Bounce Back"

Hi everyone,

I dont know how to make a “Bounce Back” action if a zombie was hit. I’m sure it does make a Hit action & print out, but I can’t do a “Bounce (Back + Jump Up)” like a Minecraft zombie “Bounce” when it was hit.

Really thanks if anyone can help.


This would be achieved by using a hit reaction animation.

You could try using the launch character command. Then you could get the forward facing vector and multiply it by -1 to make him move back.

Hi, thanks for your reply, but still not Good with it.

Now character just shake a very very very little(Which is mostly cannot seen). And if I set multiply it by -500, it still the same.

Am I going wrong with the BP? or missing some command?

Really Thanks


This is how I got it set up. The multiplication of the forward vector controls how fast you’ll fly back and the multiplication of Z controls how far you’ll go up.