How to make a camera weapon like Fatal Frame?

Hello! I’m working on a horror game similar to Fatal Frame, however i want to make a camera weapon system like Fatal Frame has but i can legit find it nowhere how to make it so i have no clue how to do it. So i want the player to be able to switch to a camera but in first person mode, then be able to snap a shot with the shutter effect going into negative color and all the other cool effects BUT also do damage to a enemy ghost when taken a photo. The first thing i just want to have is the mechanic to switch to a camera mode and with a widget i suppose for the camera look? And then be able to take a photo with it’s effect.
Hope someone can help me out with this, Thanks! :slight_smile:

You can make a camera actor, with both mesh, and camera actor,
You can use this to set the view of the game from Camera 1, to camera 2, Set View Target with Blend | Unreal Engine Documentation
You can use the rendertarget to try to get the photo ! Unreal Render Target & Scene Capture 2D - YouTube
And to do damage to the thing you “Photo”
you need to set up something to understand if you can see it
raycast to know if there is something in the middle,
And you can have ghost? so they could be partially transparent,
So you need to learn to “Read variable inside other actors”
and check if some kind of actor is inside a triggerbox that can be the area in front of the camera.

A lot of stuff! Keep it up