How to make a camera movement when player dies?


I was wondering if there’s a way to ‘‘override’’ the camera of the player and make a camera movement with it when, for example, he dies.

The game is in first person, so when the player dies, I want him to look down and make the camera go down also, while there’s a fade to black, until he respawns. For now, I have a custom death event in the blueprint of the FirstPersonCharacter, which is called when the player dies. I use the node ‘‘Disable Input’’ to prevent him from moving. I’ve tried to create a timeline followed by the node ‘‘AddLocalRotation’’ linked to the FirstPersonCamera to make it move, but nothing happens. Then, I’ve tried to put the node Unpossess before that, and it works, I see the gun go down, but not the camera, so I’m guessing that by using Unpossess, it also means that the player doesn’t look through the camera anymore.

Is there a way to make it work with a matinee maybe? But then, how do you link it to the position of the camera of the player and ‘‘override’’ a movement on it?

Thank you in advance!

Don’t hesitate to ask for additionnal information if needed also!

I figured out how to manually take control of the camera and hard code the movement in blueprint. You simply have to get the node ‘’ Get Controller ‘’, and then, from this one, get ‘’ Set ControlRotation ‘’, and from there, you can make any movement you want, with a timeline, for example. Hope it helps, if anybody was in my situation!

Hi, could you post screenshots on how you did this. Please


Most of these nodes are not relevant, this is in another situation where I place the camera the same way as when the player went through it. The ones you want are simply “Get Controller” and “Set Control Rotation”. Usually you can rotate the camera of the First Person Character all you want with this! Hope it helps!

I ended up figuring it out. Since I wanted my camera to spin around when the player dies, I set the timeline to the Z(YAW) input. Also, in the timeline, make a float track. For anyone who is looking at this now