How to make a Camera inside a BP the main game view without player controllers?

I’m working on this prototype of marbles rolling down a ramp and I didn’t set any of the actors up as a player controller because I figured the player is more of a spectator in this scenario. I figured out all the logic for spawing the marbles and placement timers and whatnot, but when it came to the camera… All I can find are suggestions saying I should use “Set View Target With Blend” node … Which… uses a player controller to follow the actor.

So I created a look at BP with a camera in it… and a look at target BP which allows me to target any actor and the Look At BP will rotate to target that actor as it moves … but how do I make that camera the main view?

Surely I’m missing some checkbox somewhere?

re-iterate: How to make a Camera inside a BP the main game view when you push play?
I’m an animator so if you could respond like I’m a little child who has only been using blueprints for 6 months I’d really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

ok… well I just made a camera actor in the viewport and attached it to the BP with the follow logic in the outliner then set auto player activation to 0 in the details panel. This works but I would still like to know if there is a way to set camera that is located within a blueprint.