How to Make a Camera Bobbing Blueprint?


I’ve been having a lot of issues making a blueprint for first person bobbing(Camera emulating walking). There isn’t much online at all on how to do this and as much as I’ve played around with blueprints i just can’t figure out how to work camera bobbing. Can anyone help me set this up?


Hey ****,

Check out the solution by Arkiras.

He needed a camera bob as well.



Thanks for the reply. However, i did check this out and tried it out, the only problem is the guy who posted that never showed how he made the headbob loop on the vector timeline so i had no clue how to set that up. Any ideas on that?

Here is a guide on how to use the timeline. It takes some getting use to but if you’re ever used curves. You should catch on pretty fast. Also in the ContentExamples, Level Blueprint_Input_Examples they have Camera Shake on the Controller.

Here is how to Add Values to the Timeline.

Overall Guide:

Hey there, this is the way I did it:

  1. Right click in you project folders and select new blueprint.

  2. Go down to custom classes and select ‘CameraShake’.

  3. Open your ‘CameraShake’ Blueprint, and go into the Defaults tab.

  4. Change your setting to look like this:

  1. Open your player Blueprint and add the following code:

Set your player Max Walk Speed to 600 and enjoy!

Using Vauns process above which is working great, how would I apply this to my sprint only which is on the shift key? I’m just not sure how to set up the InputAxisMoveForward in conjunction with a shift key event in the character BP.

Do you know if there is a way to play this camera shake always while the pawn is moving regardless of what is pressed?

In my Player Blueprint, I can’t seem to find Client Play Camera Shake… Please help!

Is context sensitive checked?

Yes, it WAS checked, but when I checked it off, I was able to find Client Play Camera Shake. SO thank you for your help!