How to make a button toggle between stand,kneel(crouch) and prone

Can anyone help me on how I set up a single button toggle for a character to go from a stand or (idle) pose, to kneel or (crouched) pose, to a prone or (crawling) pose and back to stand, possibly a hold down button to go to stand from both other positions. Basically like on some shooters like ghost recon. If anyone could help me with this I’d really appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

Tesla explains how to toggle crouching in this tutorial:

I’m not sure about prone, as it doesn’t seem to be supported by the engine by default. Depends on what type of game this will be. If it’s a single player only FPS, you might get away with simple playing with the eye hight as in the video above.

I am making it to be Single player (2-4 co-op) TPS Would like to make it TPS/FPS but don’t know how to make a toggle between that either.

For TPS/FPS, start with the third person template and you can directly adjust the camera located in the components section of your blueprint. Once you find what coordinates you need your camera at, you can adjust this in the graph section. Add an input in your project settings for FPS/TPS toggle and specify a key. Save that, go back into your blueprint, bring up the event for the keybind you just made and use the location change node (I don’t know the specific name off the top of my head I am at work. When I get home, I can screenshot my blueprint to show you better what I mean). Also, this video can help with what I am explaining although it isn’t quite the same. I think my method is easier.

The crouch, prone toggle is slightly harder because if you are doing it in third person, you will need to have an animation for both stances. However, the theory is the same. Change the camera position after you make a keybind. You will need 6 different camera positions, 1 for each stance in each mode (FP Stand, FP Crouch, FP Prone/TP Stand, TP Crouch, TP Prone). I don’t know the best way to do this. My best guess would be using a **** ton of booleans to check which stance the character is currently in but there is likely an easier way. I am no guru.

Edit: I lied a little bit, you won’t need 6 different camera positions. You can just do a vector subtract and subtract a specific amount from the z value of the camera location for stand to crouch to prone. Then add that value back to go the other way.

Thank you kjsupe I will get to work on that as soon as I get home as well, i would appreciate a screen shot if you remember, thanks again

Here is a quick and dirty shot of a toggleable fp / tp view. There are plenty of other ways to do it, but that is the glory of unreal engine and blueprints, there are multiple ways to accomplish everything!


Thanks again kjsupe, I really appreciate this

I’m actually trying to accomplish the same thing, toggle for crouch and stand, and hold for prone. Did you ever find the right method?