How to make a BP with multiple meshes destructible?

Hi there,

I’ve set up a couple destructible static meshes and it works fine. However I have a BP actor that consists of about 30 different meshes inside of it. I wanted to blow the entire thing up like you would a destructible static mesh.

Does anyone know the easiest way of doing this?


You could set them all to simulate physics and add a radial force in the middle to blast them all apart. When you add the radial force component make sure to uncheck the box for Auto Activate then setup your BP like this for the blow up function:

Awesome! Took an hour of tweaking and fixing some issues but finally got it working, thanks for the help :slight_smile: I just had one other related question in case you know.

One of the large pieces I’m moving looks silly by staying as one peices so I’m gonna have to make it destructible. The problem is that when I add destructible damage to the radial force, it also destroys a separate BP destructible actor next to it. I have to have these bp’s next to eachother and I have to have the radial force where it is, which happens to overlap the other destructible which I don’t want to blow up until later.

Is there anyway to tell the radial force component to only deal damage to destructible actors within it’s own BP?


Not that I know of but you can lower the radius of the radial force…also the flying debris may also be causing damage to the nearby DM…do they have impact damage enabled?