how to make a borderlands like loot system in unreal engine 4

Hi borderlands is one of my favorite games of all time and i want to make a custom template for a loot system from scratch. can anyone help me?

I’m going to go about this logically.

As far as I can tell, Borderlands items are generated based on player level. And they are generated at the time of spawning the item. So you would need a smart way of generating items in a class, and I would assume, you would build a class per item type; i.e. sniper class, submachine gun class, etc.

In each class, you would have a handful of meshes that are carefully made to click together. It’s easy if you use one base weapon mesh with predefined keypoints to spawn new weapon parts to. You would create a struct to store those keypoints

Stats would probably be randomly generated based on a token system. Example, player level is 25, so we’ll add stats to the gun that arbitrarily match the player’s level. This will also be defined by weapon type. A submachine gun will do less damage per bullet than a sniper will do per bullet. We’ll assign a range of damage the generation can fall on, like 2-5 damage per bullet. If the generator first chosses 5 damage (5 is strong when compared to 2), then we’ll have to dumb down the gun in other areas, such as reload speed, or sway. I think you get the idea.

Every container in a level would generate a set of these items and spawn them in when the player interacts with the container.

If this seems like too much, then welcome to UE4. Been learning since December and the only thing that keeps me from figuring out how to put this kind of stuff together is my own willingness to test test test.

A lot of little classes working together.
This guy talks about one aspect of the loot system