How to make a bobble head with physics

Hello, trying to make a bobblehead statue with physics. I’ve managed to make a chain with physics, but the bobblehead is breaking me.
I have the skeletal mesh brought in with a bone to utilize:

I want the head to bobble on the body below it, so I used a physics constraint to attach the two:

When I hit simulate, the head flies off.

Single skeletal mesh, and an anymdynamics node.

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Thanks for the reply! I’m trying to walk thru the anim dynamics info on the unreal white pages, but I’m getting hung up in the Anim Graph Blueprint section. When I build my Anim graph, I get a warning that there is no entry state connection.
I see Anim Dynamics is a great method for adding a little bit of physics to a game character that’s being controlled. Since this bobblehead is just a passive object, is there a clearer way to just give physics to the bone that controls the bobblehead’s head?

add a 1 frame animation as the input pose if it’s really complaining about that. This engine can be weird.
There’s no need for input. the node should enable physical reactions so shaking the environment should cause it to bobble.

Not sure how to do that.
I did find a video that showed how to add physics constraints within the physics asset, though. This gentleman was trying to get his character’s, ahem, bust to bounce when she walked, but I found the same principles worked on a bobblehead. Added shapes to two connected bones, then added a constraint between them.
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