How to make a Blueprint variable survive reconstruction?


In our work with Blueprint and some C++ we’ve hit a little wall that gives us headaches.

Basically our Blueprints are “forgetting” the values of all its variables every time the construction script runs. But to the naked, untrained eye it looks like the object never went away.

What I’m looking for is a way to keep the values of certain variables in my BPs even if its construction script runs again and again.

Either I’m missing it or this could be turned into a feature request :slight_smile:

Hope you guys can help me. Thanks.


If it’s already constructed, you could just hide/show it whenever you need it again and then the values will stay. Don’t know about on level change though… but within a level anyway.

Hi Godling,

thank you for your response. :slight_smile:

it is already constructed and will stay for whole duration of the “game”.

Hiding it is not a solution since its part of a BP constructed level architecture that never really is hidden in any sense or way.
(auto generated corridor in the starship we are building :wink: )

What I’m talking about is pure Editor-Time aka “Construction Script”.

I’m still learning so please excuse me if my ideas seem obvious, but I just discovered BP Interfaces for myself… is this perhaps what you need?

Im facing the same problem too, does anyone know how to fix it?