How to make a blueprint member as editable curve

Any idea how to create curve variables which are editable directly from blueprint such as within the WheeledVehicleMovementComponent?


Found it.

/** Torque (Nm) at a given RPM*/
UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, Category = Setup)
FRuntimeFloatCurve TorqueCurve;

How to do this within blueprints??

I think you may need to set it up in C++ to have it appear directly in the details panel like in the image above. So far I haven’t seen any settings in blueprint alone that allow the curve to appear there.

It looks like that is what neo found with adding the UProperty as EditAnywhere or some setting like that. (Not sure tho!)

Normally I create a separate float curve in the Content Browser under Miscellaneous -> Curve then selecting Float. When you double click on it and open up the curve editor you have the same ability to create it as shown above. Inside your actor blueprint (character, vehicle, etc.) you will need to reference the float curve with a variable and set it to the one you created. It will be used the same way, the only difference is that you don’t have access to it right in the details panel. You will have to open up the curve separately and will not have it per instance of the actor.

I am doing this off of memory so please correct me if I’m wrong. Or if someone else knows how to set it up with out C++ let me know! It would be handy!

Thats not PHP