how to make a Blueprint key combination?

It’s for Side Scrolling game. How to make this :
Pressing “D” key - walking to right, but if you press “D” twice - it will run (press “D” + press and hold “D” for run to right. For the left side run - press “A” (delay 0.2) + press and holding “A”.

Another example: Character can throw knife or something with this key combination
if character with face to right side :
Press “A” + (delay 0.2) + “D” + (delay 0.2) + mouse click or “E” key - throws to right side
if character with face to left side
Press “D” + (delay 0.2) + “A” + (delay 0.2) + mou… the same - throws to left side

Hey AZipler,

I can’t try this right now, but I’d suggest something like a double click mechanic would do just right.

check this post:

good luck :slight_smile: