How to make a blueprint for Fallout 3 style searchable containers

How would I go about making a blueprint to make fallout 3 style searchable containers?
Short animation and sound, then an inventory box that shows items that was in the drawer?

It is also worth mentioning that there is a blueprint Inventory System in the launcher under the learn tab. Download that, pick it apart and Learn from it :slight_smile:

I can recommend your to watch the official Inventory Tutorial of Epic Games:

If you did this and if you understood how it works, then i am sure that you can create the container easily.

You will just need to perform the Add Item (or however the Tutorial Author named that function) when the player
searches the container. Adding animation could be down through a short matinee scene.

Yes, this Inventory System IS the one i posted the video from. You can download it and also click on the “Watch Videos” icon to get the the youtube series. (: Thanks for adding this HeadClot.