How to make a ball which rolls from a point to another?

I’m trying to figure out a way to move a ball from a point to another. I don’t want that the player interact with the ball, I want the ball rolling by itself.

I’ve tried to use the Rolling Ball template, but using the Add Torque isn’t making the ball to move (when I apply it to the Z axis, the ball begins to spin, if I apply to X or Y, it does nothing). I also tried to use Simple Move Location; however, the ball isn’t rolling, it’s just sliding over the floor.

Thank you!

You do still want to use Torque, think of torque as force around an axle to applying it to Z will spin it around the Z axis, you do want to apply it to X an Y. Torque though, needs huge numbers like 2000000

Yea or then you can use Add Angular Impulse node which is pretty much the same as torque (I honestly don’t know the difference)
And make sure you check the axle change or whatever