How to make a 2d Board Game

Hello everyone

Im new in Unreal Eninge. For my first projekt I want to make a Multiplayer Pen and Paper Game (The host ist the gamemaster). But it should be very simple, so I just wana use 2d objects.

My question is, what is the best way to do this 2d game?

I already created a simple Main Menu with the Widget Blueprint (for creating a game, join a game, exit and so on). Can I make the entire Game just with widgets or do I need another way to do this?

To describe my idea in more detail, if you open the game, your in the main menu. As the Host (Game master) you can click on the create game button. Then your automaticly the game master of the pen and paper game. You have a tree view with many cards you can choose, a empty areawhere you can put card and see the description of it. On the right side are the other player. You can give them card when you drag and drop a card from the area to the name of the player. And on the bottom you have all your stats listet. For the client you need to click on “join game” and enter the ip of the game master.

I also added a beatiful paint image :slight_smile:

Thanks already ^^

were you successful in making this project? with unreal