How to make 4 square mile map?

Ok so I had another forum where I was asking how to make a 50 square mile map and everyone recommends world composition. So I plan to make it in chunks of 4 square miles, but I don’t understand the terrain making system, can someone please help me with the settings?
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All the info about creating landscapes is here:

Ok but I was just wondering about this specific size, like what I should type into the boxes to get this size map.

Did you read anything in the docs?

Yeah but i didnt see what I was looking for, I am just looking for the specific numbers because I can figure out what combination will get me 4 square miles.

Will this get me 6 sq km/ 4 sq mi?

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Does it really matter in the game? Do people worry about the measurements being all down to the finest of details when
they are actually going through the world playing the game? I see alot of highly detailed poly models that are based on small
tiny objects like a diamond ring, or a piece of chewing gum, a butter knife, or a glass jar, or stuff basically that will have little to
no visual impact at all in the whole game (except of course for running down all your frame-rates). and you find half of these tiny
objects have 50,000 or more polys in them.(some 100,000 - 200,000 or more). Of course those are found mostly under the
FREE models… But why would the landscape need to be 50 miles in size? Are you trying to make a small planet?

Im just wondering because I drew out my map to this scale so I want to put stuff in generally the same place with the correct scale.

So what size map would you recommend for a multiplayer survival game if you think 50 square miles is too big. I want to have different biomes and cities too.

ark is 8x8 … or was it 16x16?

Yeah that’s around how big I wanted it but everyone says its too big unless I’m making a flight sim or something.

You can calculate the size, it depends on factors like the scale you set for the quads of the sections etc.
Let’s say if you choose a scale for the quads of 100.0 (=1 meter), I think you can multiply that with the overall resolution of the map.
You can find more info in the “landscape technical guide”:…echnicalGuide/
You could also place an actor in the world, like a cube, and set its scale on the x-axis so it has a length of 1 km (or 1 mile in your case) so you can have a reference for a good view on the total size of your landscape while tweaking the parameters.

it matters because I want to make sure i am making it the right size so it stays optimized.