How to make 4 (Objects,Turrets) fire randomly one at a time at a single target?

I wanna make four very simple and basic AI turrets shot one at a time at a Cube that doesn’t move, basically they are going to be shooting in straight lines and then have them disappear once they collide with the Cube.

I wanna keep the setup as simple as possible without having to go into deep Scripting because i’m terrible at Blueprint Lol.

So any input or know how would be greatly appreciated…

( The Box represents the object that doesn’t move. and the four spheres are the Turrets )

If nothing is actually moving then just have them spawn a projectile straight and then rotate each turret directly towards the cube

Hey, i know i could get one to fire. But how would i get the rest to fire on there own?

The simplest solution would be using one actor instead of 4.
Just make a generic “Turret-battery” blueoprint where you can select how many turrets should be spawned.
You can then easily place them around on the map. Since its one actor, you can control firing behavior comfortably from the same blueprint.

What is a Turret Battery Blueprint?

As the name suggests a battery of turrets.

Instead than making communicate multiple turrets, make a single bp consisting of more turrets.

oh ok! would i still need to make a behavioral tree or can everything be done in the blueprint?

And Thanks Everybody for you guy’s inputs. I know i’m sounding like a serious Noob right now Lol…