How to make 3d Art

I’m bad at making art already, but I want to make a 3d game. So can anyone supply a tutorial or video on how to make 3d game art? Also can anyone supply a tutorial or video on how to make a 3d Character?

Thanks :slight_smile:

There’s thousands of tutorials out there, you need to choose the 3D program you want to use and then go through some basic tutorials.

Ok thanks for the feedback, but how came I make a skeleton and add textures to it?

If you have no experience in 3D then that’s too general of a question to ask, you need to learn basic modeling and texturing

It depends on which program you want to use to make your 3d art, otherwise called a Mesh in unreal.
I would recomend:

-3d (Free for Student)
-Maya(Free for Student)

Others could be better, but simply either aren’t free or don’t have alot of tutorials to help you.
Either Way I would recomend choosing which program suits you(Maya and are both profesional, but many claim blender is just as good or even better).

Tutorials can be found for free on Youtube however, as always the best stuff is pay for. https://cgcookie/ offers some free tutorials on modeling, Anitmating, and Rigging in an easy to follow system. Also there are Youtube videos on how to import models from said program into unreal engine 4 to make your game.

put up a good list of advice.

If you haven’t learned any modeling software before Blender is a great choice because it’s completely free and very capable. It’s actually harder to get into something like blender with prior experience in maya or because of the different interface and hotkeys make it a total mess in my brain to rewire. For me it was extremely hard to get started with 3D modeling because I just felt completely lost but it’s really not hard once you hit a certain point.

I was fortunate to be able to take a few classes at my school for modeling but I honestly learned most of what I know from . They mostly focus on the industry standard programs like /maya/zbrush but have enough content for blender to get you started and creating things.

If you don’t want to pay a few bucks yet check out these videos from one of my teachers! His name’s and he’s a pretty cool dude.v=AFOZxrqpfgc
He models in maya but he uses only the essential tools that you should find in every 3d modeling package. He also has some videos on modeling a basic body to attach to it!

In blender:

-how to create a character mesh: ?v=0QT1GNMevfc
-how to rigg it: ?v=V9hNLLWHRcw
-how to texture it: :slight_smile:

Thank you all for all you help :slight_smile: Thank you

I understand blender might be quite difficult to get started, however if you ever feel like giving it another go(as its very expensive to keep updating it, etc) you can can the hotkeys to your preference, or create new ones(although I haven’t). I believe there is a default change to an Autodesk scheme for hot keys by default, but don’t quote me on this its been a while since I’ve last changed my control scheme :stuck_out_tongue: and I can’t confirm it out for you because i’m on holiday :wink:

your welcome :slight_smile:

This is a loaded question lol