How to make 2D sound fade out instead of stopping abruptly?

I set up my character breathing sounds when sprinting which works but when he stops sprinting the sound stops suddenly. How do i make the sound fade out gradually so it sounds more natural? I tried the Fade Out node but it doesn’t seem to work with 2D sounds specifically. What should i do?

Did you try it with spawn?

I tried doing that, and also tried adding an audio component and just activate/deactivate it when needed, but in both cases when i start sprinting, the sound will play normally then within a split second it will play from start again, like there’s something retriggering it, it’s very weird and i can’t seem to solve that. (Same thing with the other sound for low stamina)

Attached a screenshot for your reference.

Edit: I tried checking if the audio is valid before applying the fade out which was something i missed out, seems to have fixed the playback issue, not sure how this had worked since the problem only happened when sprinting = true.

Anyway it works now, thank you for your feedback!