how to lower lag

right now my game map is just a big map because i dont know how to do procedural generation and i have alot of lights and i think it causes the fps to be low. how can i fix this so the game can run almost on every pc

Hey @potato_guy00! Welcome to the forums!

If you think lighting is your issue, you need to make sure you’re not using too much DYNAMIC lighting. For something this big it would take a massive amount of processing to have so much dynamic light. So go through and see what you can change to STATIC light. This is lighting that will not change or cast shadows, but will illuminate static objects. If you want it to run on almost every PC, you might as well change all of them to static lights. Static lights are baked before packaging, so they’re set in stone and need no overhead.

Here, take a look at the documentation on both and see what you can figure out with your specific project!