How to lower graphic quality of pakaged product?

Hi, I’m trying to package the game that I’ve been working on for college, but I’m having a few problems. I’ve already packaged my game, and then attempted to play my game on the computers at college, but the lag was unreal. The computers at college are average, but now I’m worried that my game is too demanding. I was wondering if it were possible to lower the graphic quality of a packaged product?

It’s only giving me an option of maximum quality :frowning:

You can change graphic quality within the editor, but it doesn’t work for the packaged product.

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I was just trying to figure this out too. Well, I was looking for how to start the game fullscreen by default, but the setting is in the same place as quality.

Unfortunately, it looks like the best way to do it right now is to run commands on Event Begin Play to set whatever settings you want. There is a settings file DefaultGameSettings.ini that has settings for things like resolution, but unfortunately, it looks like there’s no good way to update that file yourself manually before distributing your game. The problem is, for release builds, that settings file isn’t actually part of the packaged build; instead, it lives in their user AppData directory (on Windows, anyway) and doesn’t even get created until the first time they run your game. So you can’t include it in your game directory and expect it to work. I guess you could create an installer or something that pushes it there, but yeah, not trivial.

So for now, it seems like the best way is just to run console commands when your game starts. Check out the “rendering” section, like “ResX” and “ResY,” here:

But if anyone has a better suggestion, please correct me! This seems really terrible.