How to loop a subscene?

That’s an interesting use case that we haven’t thought of. Unfortunately you can’t at the moment. I would just suggest playing the subsequence on its own and set it to loop 5 times (ie. through the movie settings in blueprint when you do create level sequence player or through the level sequence actor settings).

I have a level sequence with a single track that changes a static meshes location over 100 frames. I added this level sequence as a subscene to my master level sequence (500 frames in length) and dragged the handle on the subscene out to fill the 500 frames. When I play the master sequence, my subscene only plays for 100 frames and then ends. Is there a way I can make the subscene loop?

Here’s a view of my master sequence timeline with the subscene within it.

For what it is worth I have this same use case. It would be really cool if Unreal implemented this feature.

Can I add my +1 to this - I have a 1-second subscene that I want to loop for about 30 seconds. I can duplicate the subscene that many times, but it would be nice to be able to just set it to loop.


in case anyone is still trying to do this, I want to inform you that with version 4.25 you can do it.
Right click on the subscene and check the option : “CanLoop” .
Documentation doesn’t mention that, as far as I know.

That’s it.