How to login to a listen server hosted LobbyBeaconHost as listen server itself?


I’m currently integrating a lobby system into my game. I have been able to create a LobbyBeaconHost on a listen server using steam and other game instances can join the LobbyBeaconHost as LobbyBeaconClient with ConnectToLobby() function without any problem. But when I tried to join LobbyBeaconHost from listen server, the login will fail. I’m getting the following warning message until login timeout:

      *LogSockets:Warning: Blocked FSocketSteamworks::SendTo call, directed at localhost*

It seems the handshake message never get sent from server to client properly since in FSocketSteam::SendTo(), It will compare SteamDest.SteamId with LocalSteamId if they are the same, it just print out the warning message and do nothing. Since it’s a listen server, SteamDest.SteamId and LocalSteamId will always be the same thus causing the problem.

Does anyone know how can i login to LobbyBeaconHost properly from a listen server?

Hi, I’m currently facing the same issue… Have you ever managed to sort it out?

I Found a way to do this:

LobbyBeaconHost->OnClientConnected(this, nullptr);

Hi, thanks for your answer it helped me a lot to understand how to do this. But has any of you tried to setup voice communication between the players? looks like without a NetConnection with an open voice channel you cannot set it up since Steam will collect all local voice data and when it tries to send it there is no ServerConnection so the remote talkers never pass on data into my machine. Any ideas?