How to - Lockdown Function? Across Multiple BPs

Would a function to lockdown multiple BP’s from another BP in a sort of Command room be my best option? I think it would be but I’m still in my first 6 months of messing with UE4.

Also another function for override with a keycard from an array i have set up would also work just as a branch check the bool of if i have that card or not?

Sorry for multiple questions but i think i have the override pretty much figured out.

Yes and doing it using a BlueprintInterface is a good option.

Example: you have a different kind of doors but all of them share the same function OpenDoor. You can create a BlueprintInterface (i.e., OpenDoorInterface) and then make a parent Blueprint (i.e. DoorActor) that has OpenDoorInterface. Then you can make all kind of doors using DoorActor blueprint as a parent (i.e., MySteelDoorActor, MyWoodenDoorActor, MyMarshmallowDoorActor) and all of them implement OpenDoor function based how they’ll be opened.

So your other actor can get a reference to any kind of door and open it using OpenDoor interface. This video can provide more info on using Interface in action:–k

So with interfaces, I want to do each single function in its own BP Interface? I’m trying to learn best practices and such with being a lone beginner.

My animation BP looks like chaos cause the tutorials i watched didn’t say or show how animation montages work. So i have a blend space for each movement and a blend by bone or whatever to mix something like crouching and reloading.