How to Lock Motion Trail


I’m animating the Mannequin Rig in Sequencer and my query is regarding the motion trail- Is there a way to lock the motion trail such that upon selecting any other control it doesn’t snap to the currently selected one.

Use- Suppose I want to track the arc of the hand. I don’t want the motion trail to snap to the upper arm controller/shoulder control upon selecting them when I want it to stay locked on the FK wrist control to track the arc.

Found the solution to this problem… I just had to right click on the motion trail, which gave me a pop up box asking “Always Visible”… and had to check against that… And boom! I wonder why was it hidden there all along… had to understand the working of the backend c++ code to unlock this hidden trick.

I strongly believe this option should be made visible at the properties box after we click on the Trails in the Animation Tab.