How to lock Character rotation and momentum when jumping/falling?

I am extremely new to Blueprints and have only done basic examples. I am using the default Third Person project in UE4.11.1 and am trying to make a jump mechanic similar to that of Dark Souls, where the player cannot freely rotate mid-air and the jump does not include the player’s momentum. How do I go about this in Blueprints?

I understand that what allows the player to have a movement or rotation is the Forward and Right vectors becoming linked to the World Direction of Add Movement Input. I also found a IsFalling boolean component. I am wondering how I can possibly set it up so that when IsFalling == true, Set World Direction to 0 for rotation and Set World Direction to a constant variable for movement.

you can get the characters movement type and based on that you can then either change the movement input allowed or scale min/max speeds or you could use the built in controls for handling this on the character movement component.


I’m looking at you, “Air Control”

hope that helps

Could you be more clear on how to go about this via blueprints? And I’ve already set Air Control to 0 so there is no spacial control while in mid air, however, it does not prevent the character from freely rotating or prevent the momentum from carrying over.

Would you mind providing your blueprint setup for character movement/rotation controls?

Otherwise it will be difficult to be more specific in a helpful way. Thank you.

Add a branch to your axis events with the condition “IsFalling”, if false, it allows the axis event to continue on normally.

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