How to lock camera view to one view port?

hey guys :slight_smile:

LOVING using UE4 and Sequencer and managing to pull off some cool shots BUT one thing is frustrating me. I have a 2nd view port on my other monitor and I make sure that is active to change to my camera lens view, i.e same shot I will be exporting as a movie, then on monitor 1 with view port 1, I just want to use default and cinematic mode to fly round my scene and make adjustments etc
sometimes it works fine and other times the view on my 2nd monitor wont stay locked. so any way to lock view to another monitor please?
I simply want my 2nd monitor to display the current camera and nothing else.

many thanks :slight_smile:

anyone got any ideas please? as awesome as sequencer is, this is super frustrating!!

in the window under perspective make it cinematic viewport
in the same window under the down arrow on the top left change it to cinematic preview on 2nd viewport

changing these to default will unlock it when the camera cuts is set to lock
changing these to the settings above will lock it to camera cuts

thanks so much for the reply. will give this a whirl tomorrow

RMB on Camera -> Transform -> Lock Actor movement
No thanks!

P.S.To animate camera from camera view you can use kind of dummy object


In Sequencer, if you add a CineCameraActor, then you can go in the Camera Cuts row at the top of sequencer and click on the camera icon to the right of “Camera Cuts” to enable “Lock Viewport to Camera Cuts”