How to lock camera in 3D side scroller game type?


How is everyone out there? I’m making a 3D side scrolling game that will be in the classic beat em up style. I’ve broken down the template and tutorials and have figured out the movement that the old games did. Which was the standard side scrolling and being able to shift up and down.

The question I have is, is there a way to keep the camera, on the boom, locked so it doesn’t follow the character like it does in this video I uploaded? So when the character moves towards the screen the view is the same and not closer, and vice-versa for going upwards. The placement is fine, I just want it’s movement to stay in one place. Here are my settings as well.

Also as a side note, anybody else using a Mac get a lot of artifacts when working out of 4.9 so far? I know it will probably be patched, but I’m just curious.

[Movement/Camera Test][2]