How to lock/avoid selection of landscape?

Iam still a beginner. Is there a way of locking the landscape so i cant always accidentally select it?
Iam far from beeing a professional, but Cryengine 3 seemed so much more logical (when i used it years ago) in many ways. Especially in Blueprints/flowgraphs…

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You can’t :wink:

But, you can get this


This very basic feature, a necessity of all 3D applications, is missing from the engine.

It has long been complained about - there is a thread with 55 votes to add it, go there and vote + comment (Missing Feature Request (common in all 3D applications): lock (disable) actor selection in viewport - #24 by KimLaughton). Posted over 2 years ago and still nothing.

It is honestly mind boggling how this still hasn’t been added. Reflects very poorly on the state of UE.


Not difficult to add, either. I think it’s just because it not a glamorous addition?..

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Wish they would give more attention to “not glamorous” additions lol

They seem to spend all of their time on Beta features that never get finished and never on QOL. There are still a ton of engine bugs introduced from 5.0 not resolved and they are already moving onto Substrate and other “flashy” features that really should be secondary to just making the engine work

I think most people would absolutely welcome a release focused on nothing but stability, bug fixes, and QOL.

And people have been asking for a LTS version of UE…still nothing on that front either :confused:

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Efficiency also. To be fair, I did notice quite an improvement with 5.4 on the frame front.

RHIT parallelization was a step in the right direction :slight_smile:

Although nothing for Lumen really which is a shame, given this was their flagship feature for UE5 and its performance is still…well…terrible.

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To prevent landscape selection, adjust the orientation setting in the device’s display settings. Additionally, consider using CSS media queries to restrict landscape viewing on your web pages. For mobile apps, use platform-specific APIs to detect and disable landscape mode where necessary to ensure a consistent user experience.