How to lock an axis while simulating Physics?

Hi !

I am starting to learn how to use Unreal Engine and I am following the video tutorials posted here on this web.
Currently, I am trying to create a Blueprint 2D Scrolling platform game and got stuck as hell in this video:

The problem comes at the end of the video. When the teacher plays with the physics of the platform, it looks pretty bad at the beginning, because the platform physics were as if in a 3D world. So, the teacher activates this option “lock an axis”, and he locks the Y axis, so that the platform won’t move anymore on the Y axis, preventing it from rotating.

My real and huge problem is I cannot find this option under the Physics tab on the Platform options. I cannot lock any axis whatsoever.

Maybe with the new version of the engine, this option was moved to be configured from another place?

Thank you in advance! :smiley: